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The Primary Vehicle

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.

If you are taking your car to be serviced more often than you are getting a massage, consider paying better attention to your most important "vehicle".

Not only does massage help you feel 're-set' mentally and physically, it is also an opportunity to check-in regularly with your physical status.

Your massage therapist will conduct an assessment or review with you before working on your body, to ensure s/he is aware of anything going on that could be affected by treatment. The process of reviewing how we are, systematically, by detailing any recent changes to a therapist helps us remain aware of developing patterns, ongoing niggles and issues we may have, and to consider what we might do to help alleviate them.

As your body is worked upon, you may feel more aware of which areas would benefit from some easy changes; for example, if you have shoulder tightness, as those aches are soothed by your therapist who will not only work directly over the aching area but also loosen-up the muscles underneath your collarbone at the front, you may resolve to adjust how you sit when working at the computer; understanding through your massage that pushing your shoulders back and down regularly, prevents a shortening of those muscles at the front which in turn pull your shoulders forward and produce that unpleasant feeling of tautness in the upper back.

Sore foot arches from new or vigorous exercise patterns? Having them massaged or receiving reflexology may be enough to trigger your resolve to get that tennis ball out of the cupboard and regularly roll it beneath your feet whilst watching TV in the evenings.

Small self-help techniques can make a big difference to well-being are often easily suggested and understood through demonstrative touch on the massage couch.

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