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The following form is to order a general Gift Certificate for treatment on a date that the recipient will book directly.  After filling in this form, you'll get an email (during working hours) containing details for payment. You'll then need to make a bank transfer before receiving your Gift Certificate. 

To purchase a Gift Certificate for a particular date and time or for somebody with a serious health condition (who is not already a client at Richmond Park Therapies), please get in touch by email or phone in the first instance. Thank you.

Gift Certificate request form
You can choose to pay for a specific treatment or prepay a credit amount so the recipient can choose their own treatment/s
Do you want the Gift Certificate
Is the delivery address

Thank you, you'll now be contacted within working hours about how to pay for your order

Gift Certificate Terms & Conditions:


All Gift Certificates are valid strictly for a period of 6 months from the date of issue (or from an alternative pre-agreed start date which can be no more than 28 days after the issue date). It is not possible to use an expired Gift Certificate unless an extension of the certificate has been issued, eg due to a period of lockdown.


Gift Certificates are for appointments held at Richmond Park Therapies, KT2.

Gift Certificates are for use within advertised practice hours and appointment availability is not guaranteed for any particular date/time until confirmed by email. If you wish to purchase a gift certificate for use on a set date/time, eg on somebody's birthday, please get in touch first so that the required appointment can be reserved for you, until being fully confirmed after your payment has been received.

Gift Certificates are non-refundable. 

Credit Gift Certificates (where a specific amount has been paid for on the recipient's behalf, rather than the purchase of a particular treatment) require the recipient to pay any shortfall in the treatment cost at the time of booking, eg if the recipient has a £50 credit certificate and books a Massage costing £75, the recipient must pay an additional £25 when redeeming the gift certificate in full.

Where the value of a Credit Gift Certificate exceeds the value of the treatment booked, the recipient retains the remaining credit under the same reference code & within the same validity period, eg if the recipient has a £200 credit certificate and has a Massage costing £60, the value of the Gift Certificate will then be £140 and it may be used again (& multiple times if applicable, reducing value each time accordingly) before the original expiration date.


Gift Certificates are to be used by the recipient named at the time of purchase. If the recipient wishes to transfer their certificate to somebody else, they should contact Richmond Park Therapies in advance to request transfer to the new recipient's name. Transferred Certificates' terms & conditions, and validity periods remain as they were at the time of issue.

The recipient should quote the code on their Gift Certificate when booking their appointment, which they can do by phone, email or the online booking system.

Every new client is required to complete a Health Form after booking an appointment. There are times when an existing health condition means it is not safe to proceed with treatment, so if you are unsure whether the recipient has a health condition contraindicating treatment, please call or email to check prior to gift certificate purchase.

Cancellations/rescheduling more than 24 hours before an appointment incurs no charge. If an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hour's notice, the full treatment fee will be automatically deducted from the value of the Gift Certificate.

To help prevent no-shows through forgotten bookings, reminder emails are sent to the appointment holder the day before the appointment. If they fail to attend their confirmed appointment, the treatment fee will be automatically deducted from the value of the Gift Certificate.

These policies are in line with local private healthcare providers (eg dentists, physiotherapists, cosmetic clinics etc) and will be exercised in good faith.


NB cold-contact salespeople will not be answered.

T: 07791 966278 (calls between 9am-6pm only please).   

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Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Reflexology in  North Kingston, KT2

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