- Eases stresses and tensions to relax your mind and body

- Boosts immunity by increasing the production of T-lymphocytes

- Aids restful sleep and rapidly improves sleep patterns

- Stimulates local circulation in the feet

- Encourages lymphatic drainage

- Restores mental equilibrium & therefore promotes self-healing

- Aims to re-establish hormonal balance

- Due to the above, can be helpful for women trying to conceive

- Can be applied to the feet or hands, or both



                                                                                  60 Minute treatment: £50

                                                                                  Course of 6 treatments*: £280

                                                                                  (*paid at 1st session)


Gift vouchers are available for a single reflexology treatment or for a course of therapy. Please get in touch for details.

Click here for Cancellation & Rescheduling policies

My Approach

We start each reflexology treatment with a massage of each foot, including some stretches. A planned reflexology sequence is then performed, the focus of which will depend entirely on what the client is aiming to achieve through their treatment. Finally, a 'cool-down' massage 'closes off' each foot.

Overall, it's an hour of foot bliss!

Reflexology works optimally as a series of treatments. I usually recommend a course of 4 weekly appointments, then 2 fortnightly appointments, before moving down again to maintenance sessions. Of course, a single treatment can be booked for enjoyment or to trial the therapy out if you have not experienced it before and are unsure about committing to a series of treatments.

Health Consultation

At your first appointment we will conduct a full health and well-being assessment and take a good look at your feet (a 'foot reading'), to understand what you are hoping to achieve through your treatment, to take in to consideration any health issues that may affect your treatment and to answer answer any questions you might have. This initial assessment process takes approx 20-30 minutes and is free of charge.


At subsequent appointments, we will review any health changes since your last appointment before proceeding with treatment, which in most cases takes 5 - 10 minutes and does not come out of your treatment time.

Holistic Philosophy


Holistic therapy takes in to consideration everything affecting a person: their body type, any health conditions or injuries, their lifestyle and their emotional state.

Finding the right holistic therapist / reflexologist for you is important. You need to feel confident that their experience and range of skills can help you achieve the aims you bring with you to the therapy room. No two people are the same (let's face it, no one person is exactly the same on different days!), so really, no two treatments should ever be identical. 

People initially tend to book reflexology for a specific reason eg seeking general relaxation, to improve sleep patterns or to re-establish hormonal equilibrium. On experiencing the wider benefits of an holistic approach, they appreciate that ongoing therapy adapted to their individual lifestyle can have a profound effect on how they (and not just their body) experience and respond to life's constant demands and challenges. 

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2         9am-6pm: 0779 1966 278

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