A holistic therapy which treats the whole body through stimulating nerve endings ("reflexes") on the feet or sometimes the hands.


It is estimated that 70% of all illness is stress-related in some way. Reflexology induces a state of deep relaxation and therefore has a profound effect on reducing stress levels and anxieties. Reflexology is usually most effective when received over a course of treatments where the state of relaxation reached becomes deeper and more established, helping to facilitate the return of good health. 


Reflexology can be particularly beneficial in supporting people who are troubled by:

- Stress related conditions of any kind

- Migraines and cluster headaches

- Insomnia and poor sleep patterns

- Menstrual irregularities (including pre and post-pregnancy) & hormone flux

- Menopause symptoms

- Depression or anxiety

- Sinus problems

- Bowel disorders such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)              


Gift vouchers are available for a single treatment or for a series of appointments and are valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Choose between a paper certificate through the post or an e-certificate by email.


Please email or use the contact form to let me know you wish to purchase a Gift Voucher, you'll then be sent details for a bank transfer and asked to confirm the recipient's name, plus a method, name & address for delivery - on receipt of that information and your payment, a Voucher will be sent by email or 1st class post.

Reflexology treatment to reduce headaches and improve migraines
reflexologist applying pressure to the foot reflexes during reflexology treatment
reflexologist giving hand reflexology for fertility

Prices (for treatments at the practice):

Reflexology: £55 (60 mins)

Reflexology + extended foot massage: £60 (70 mins)

Deep-relaxation Reflexology with extended foot massage: £70 (80 mins)

Offsite treatment fees: 

If you cannot travel to the practice due to illness or immobility, it may be possible to arrange offsite treatment. You will need to phone or email to arrange this rather than using the booking system.


Off-site quotes will include:

- The treatment fee

- Additional time for car travel (in both directions, as estimated by Google Maps as average for the relevant time of day)

- Additional time for equipment set-up and take-down on both sides 

(30 mins if I provide the massage couch, 10 mins if you do - this will need to be a proper massage couch, I cannot work on beds/sofas etc)

- Any applicable parking charges (unless you provide a Visitor's parking permit for the duration of the visit).

NB: All additional time is charged at £50/hr to cover lost clinic time.

My Approach

I start every reflexology treatment with a short warm-up massage of each foot, including some ankle stretches. A planned and flowing reflexology sequence is then performed, the focus of which will depend entirely on what you are aiming to achieve through your treatment. Finally, a 'cool-down' massage 'closes off' each foot and boosts circulation. I use high quality, organic reflexology waxes or creams and you can select from a range of natural fragrances imbued by essential oils such as lavender or citrus.


You might opt at the time of booking, to upgrade with a ten minute extension to your closing foot massage, which takes relaxation up to another level; or for a most luxurious treatment, I also offer an extended Reflexology sequence with additional extended foot massage - that's a whole 80 minutes of bliss.

Reflexology works optimally as a series of treatments. I usually recommend a course of 4 weekly appointments, then 2 fortnightly appointments, before moving down again to maintenance sessions. Of course, a single treatment can be booked for enjoyment or to trial the therapy out if you have not experienced it before and are unsure about committing to a series of treatments.

foot receiving reflexology treatment for insomnia and to improve sleep patterns

Health Consultation

Before your first visit, we will conduct a full health and well-being assessment so that I can understand what you are hoping to achieve through your treatment, it allows me to take in to consideration any health issues that may affect your treatment and to answer any questions that you might have. This initial assessment process takes approx 10-15 minutes by phone and is free of charge. 


At any subsequent appointments, we will review any health changes since your last appointment when you arrive, before proceeding with treatment.

Holistic Philosophy

Client receiving a reflexology treatment for anxiety and depression

Holistic therapy takes in to consideration everything affecting a person: their body type, any health conditions or injuries, their lifestyle and their emotional state.

Finding the right holistic therapist / reflexologist for you is important. You need to feel confident that their experience and range of skills can help you achieve the aims you bring with you to the therapy room. No two people are the same (let's face it, no one person is exactly the same on different days!), so really, no two treatments should ever be identical. 

People initially tend to book reflexology for a specific reason eg seeking general relaxation, to improve sleep patterns or to re-establish hormonal equilibrium. On experiencing the wider benefits of an holistic approach, they appreciate that ongoing therapy adapted to their individual lifestyle can have a profound effect on how they (and not just their body) experience and respond to life's constant demands and challenges. 

Reflexologist giving reflexology to help patient during menopause
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