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Combined Massage & Reflexology 

Prices (for combined therapy treatments at the practice):

90 mins: £100

120 mins: £130  (or, incorporating Pregnancy Massage: £135)

lymphatic drainage of the neck

What are the benefits of combining Reflexology and Massage treatments?
Both of these therapies in their own right have a plethora of benefits to help you manage a variety of physical and mental symptoms which may be associated with illness, injury or coping with modern life and each can help you to sustain well-being once it has been achieved through its regular use. If you have not experienced these therapies individually before, please take a moment to read the separate pages of this website dedicated to explaining their various usual effects and suggested potential uses.

So if both Massage and Reflexology therapies are so great, why would you want to combine the two? Well, when used in conjunction, they can deepen the benefits and elevate enjoyment levels. In the first instance Massage relaxes your body, warming and stretching your muscles, increasing localised circulation in areas which might be feeling tense or tight, helping everything to loosen up and feel re-set, so beginning your journey in to a state of 'rest & repair' with a good massage makes complete sense, but why stop there? Reflexology can then be used to have a profound effect on your entire nervous system, resulting in a significantly deeper sense of calmness and rebalance by moving your mind into an "alpha state" boosting your mental clarity and focus as well as having have a positive effect on your sleep and digestive patterns. People combining these two therapies report feeling the effects of each therapy last longer because the depth of relaxation reached during them is significantly greater. Physical relaxation topped with neural stimulation and mental calmness can be a very powerful mix.

How are Combined Therapy sessions structured?

In short, Massage first followed by Reflexology second; but depending on the length of appointment you opt for, your time on the massage couch can be split between therapies more or less as you wish and in line with your individual goals for that day - this will be discussed with the therapist prior to your treatment commencing.

As an example, if you have opted for a 90 minute Combined Therapy treatment and have arrived with some shoulder tension and hip pain that day, the therapist might suggest starting with 45 minutes of Massage to your back, shoulders, neck, hips and legs, followed by 45 minutes of Reflexology. Generally speaking the minimum amount of time suggested on either therapy would be about 40 minutes. The exception being Pregnancy Massage which requires longer due to the additional logistics involved & why Combined Therapy for Pregnancy is only available as the longer session.

To maximise your sensory experience with this treatment, the therapist will offer you a choice of matching Massage & Reflexology products to choose from, highlighting the properties of each to match your goals, for example, lavender waxes for soporific, very deep relaxation, or perhaps citrusy waxes for an energising effect, or maybe a blended mix for somewhere between the two (completely neutral waxes are also available for anyone not keen on aromatherapy fragrances).

Anything I should consider before booking?

If you're a first-time client at Richmond Park Therapies you'll need to fill out an Health Form in advance so that the therapist can check that this treatment is appropriate for you in light of any health or medical conditions affecting you. If you've any concerns or questions on that front, please don't hesitate to make contact prior to booking to ask.

After treatment you will be feeling very, VERY relaxed! If you are driving to and from the appointment, you might need to take a few moments on departure to ensure you are alert enough to be back on the road. It is also probably best not to have anything too taxing or strenuous planned in the hours immediately after your treatment - take it easy for a bit and relish that zen state of mind.
lymphatic drainage of the plantar surface of the foot
lymphatic drainage delivers very deep relaxation and a sense of calmness
massage and reflexology together
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