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Privacy Policy

I place the utmost importance on your privacy, so please rest assured that any personal information that you provide will remain securely stored and will never be shared with any third-party organisations. I will only ask you for information that I feel is necessary in order to ensure I meet your needs and expectations as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Cookies: The website provider (Wix) uses Cookies on this website – these cookies are stored on your internet browser and designed to make any future visits to this website efficient by remembering pages or preferences. I may use these Cookies to track what pages are visited on my website most often to enable me to understand what information is most important to my clients. Your internet browser enables you to delete or block Cookies if you wish to do so. Under new Data Protection (GDPR) regulations, I must ask for your consent to use Cookies as described. This information is repeated on my Homepage. By clicking through from this page and the Homepage, I will assume you are happy to continue using my website based on the information given in this Privacy Policy.


Alternatively, please go to the option provided on your internet browser to delete or block Cookies if you prefer to do that.

The type of personal data I collect about you for an appointment:  When you book an appointment with me, I ask you for data which enables me to run my business in a sensible fashion.  I may collect, use and store the following types of personal data about you in that first instance: first name, last name, date of birth and your contact details such as your billing address, email address and any telephone numbers that you provide to us in person, via our website or by telephone, including the health-related personal data it is necessary to share with me in order for me to assess whether it is safe to provide you with massage or reflexology eg any medical conditions which may be affected by receiving a treatment.


As a professional therapist, I am required by my insurance providers and by my Professional Associations to maintain accurate, up to date and relevant personal health records for you before you receive any form of therapy or treatment, and I am required to keep these records for a period of years. My records are kept very securely and will never be shared with any third party.

How I use the data you provide: I use the data you provide to assess your suitability for attending massage therapy or reflexology sessions, eg that there are no medical reasons why you should not be massaged. I also use your data to contact you with information about the treatments you are interested in, or book, and to send details and information about any appointments you book and relevant Massage Therapy promotions I may think might be of interest to you. 


To remove yourself from future communications: Should you wish to stop receiving communications at any point, please just let me know by email, telephone or in person and you will stop receiving communications from me immediately.

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