Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy can be particularly beneficial for people who:

- Need to relax, unwind and allow their body's Rest & Repair' state to activate

- Experience muscle tension & stiffness which causes them discomfort or pain

- Want to reduce injury healing-time

- Suffer from insomnia and need to improve their sleep patterns

- Have anxiety or depression and need to reduce emotional tension & fatigue levels

- Are coping with busy, stressful professional lives or difficult life events

- Feel the usual aches & worries of pregnancy and want to relax physically and mentally ahead of their impending due date (see Pregnancy Massage)

- Need to re-energize themselves whilst dealing with the constant pressures of looking after a new baby, a family or other people in their care (see Maternal Massage)

- Want to boost their immune system to help ward off colds and minor illnesses

- Are keen to improve the appearance of scars on their body

- Feel their natural body-mechanics may have been affected by surgery or injury

- Need help to improve particular health conditions eg plantar fasciitis, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury.

- Are dealing with a cancer diagnosis; (see 'Oncology Massage').

Prices (for massage therapy treatments at the practice):

30 mins: £40 eg for massage of neck & back

60 mins: £58 eg for massage of back, neck, legs & arms

75 mins: £70 eg for massage of back, legs, arms, neck, scalp & face

90 mins: £80 as above but with focus on an area of issue, eg lower back pain

120 mins: £105 eg for massage of back, legs, feet, arms, hands, tummy, neck, scalp & face

Offsite treatment fees: 

If you cannot travel to the practice due to illness or immobility, it may be possible to arrange offsite treatment. You will need to phone or email to arrange this rather than using the booking system.


Off-site quotes will include:

- The treatment fee

- Additional time for car travel (in both directions, as estimated by Google Maps as average for the relevant time of day)

- Additional time for equipment set-up and take-down on both sides 

(30 mins if I provide the massage couch, 10 mins if you do - this will need to be a proper massage couch, I cannot work on beds/sofas etc)

- Any applicable parking charges (unless you provide a Visitor's parking permit for the duration of the visit).

NB: All additional time is charged at £50/hr to cover lost clinic time.

Gift vouchers are available for a single treatment or for a series of appointments and are valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Choose between a paper certificate through the post or an e-certificate by email.


Please email or use the contact form to let me know you wish to purchase a Gift Voucher, you'll then be sent details for a bank transfer and asked to confirm the recipient's name, plus a method, name & address for delivery - on receipt of that information and your payment, a Voucher will be sent by email or 1st class po

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massage therapist providing massage to loosen a stiff back
massage therapist working a client's trapezius muscle with deep tissue massage techniques to loosen tight shoulders

My Approach

I use Swedish massage as a base treatment and incorporate deeper tissue work, clinical remedial massage, pregnancy massage, sport massage, scar-tissue reduction work and other modalities as individually appropriate in providing you with a Holistic Treatment.


What this translates to is a flowing massage which focuses on key areas which require more attention, as appropriate.

Health Consultation

Before your first visit, we will conduct a full health and well-being assessment so that I can understand what you are hoping to achieve through your treatment, it allows me to take in to consideration any health issues that may affect your treatment and to answer any questions that you might have. This initial assessment process takes approx 10-15 minutes by phone and is free of charge. 


At any subsequent appointments, we will review any health changes since your last appointment when you arrive, before proceeding with treatment.

foot massage lymphatic drainage technique to reduce ankle swelling
hand massage for carpel tunnel syndrome
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