Holistic Massage Therapy

- Promotes a deep sense of well-being & relaxation

- Alleviates muscle tension & stiffness

- Improves poor sleep patterns & energy levels

- Reduces emotional tension or anxiety

- Calms the overly-busy mind

- Stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system (a body's 'Rest & Repair' state)

- Encourages better lymphatic drainage

- Can be used to increase circulation to key muscle groups to aid healing

- Can be fully adapted for Pregnancy or Post-Natal Massage

- Boosts the immune system by increasing T-lymphocyte numbers

- Can improve the appearance of scars

- Can release fascial restrictions and adhesions caused by scarring


- Can reduce injury healing-time by increasing circulation to damaged tissue

- May include focused work to improve particular health conditions / injuries


                                                                                      60 Minutes on the couch: £55

                                                                                      90 Minutes on the couch: £80

Gift vouchers are available for a single massage treatment or for a course of massage therapy. Please get in touch for details.

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My Approach

I use Swedish massage as a base treatment and incorporate deep tissue work, clinical remedial massage, pregnancy massage, sport massage, scar-tissue reduction work and other modalities as individually appropriate in providing you with a Holistic Treatment.


What this translates to is a flowing massage which focuses on key areas as appropriate.

Health Consultation

Before commencing any treatment, at your first appointment we will conduct a full health and well-being assessment in order to understand whether you have any conditions or issues which might be affected by massage. It is an opportunity for me to answer any questions you might have and to understand what you are hoping to achieve through your treatment.


If you are using massage to improve a health condition or aid injury recovery, I will propose what I believe to be the best combination of techniques for the current and subsequent sessions. This initial assessment process takes approx 20-30 minutes and is free of charge. At subsequent appointments, we naturally review any health changes and your progress before proceeding.

Holistic Philosophy


Holistic massage therapy takes in to consideration everything affecting a person: their body type, any health conditions or injuries, their lifestyle and their emotional state. 

Finding the right holistic therapist for you is important. You need to feel confident that their experience and range of skills can help you achieve the aims you bring with you to the therapy room. No two people are the same (let's face it, no one person is exactly the same on different days!), so really, no two massages should ever be identical. I compare getting a massage from a set-menu in a shop, to eating from a set-menu at a restaurant... it's often very nice, but aimed at minimising preparatory effort and maximising turn-over, rather than catering to the needs of the individual. Holistic massage therapy by comparison, can be likened to a personal chef understanding your nutritional requirements, then preparing dishes exactly to your personal tastes and particular mood.

People initially tend to book massage for a very specific reason eg shoulder tension, injury recovery or because they are seeking general relaxation. On experiencing the wider benefits of the holistic approach, they appreciate that ongoing therapy adapted to their individual lifestyle can have a profound effect on how they (and not just their body) experience and respond to life's constant demands and challenges. 

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