Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be helpful:


- In reducing swelling & puffiness, eg in pregnancy or after injury

- After liposuction & cosmetic surgical procedures


- For improving cellulite

- As a parallel treatment to scar-tissue reduction massage

- For those detoxing and/or on rapid weight-loss programmes and wanting to flush waste products from their system

- To those suffering from limb fluid-retention due to a sedentary lifestyle, eg the elderly, wheel-chair users

- In managing the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

- For lingering sinusitis and allergic-response congestion (but not acute allergy)

- For those who experience frequent colds, chest infections, sore throats etc

- Before & after long-haul air travel

- As a relaxation aid for people experiencing anxiety, depression or insomnia

- For those who often get migraine headaches

- For managing arthritis symptoms such as joint swelling and inflammation

Please note that my MLDM treatments are suitable for people with a functional lymphatic system; people diagnosed with lymphoedema would require a require more specialised treatment (which may include compression bandaging etc) which I do not currently offer.

Prices (for treatments at the practice)

MLDM: £58 (60 mins)

MLDM extended time: £70 (75mins)

An hour and a quarter on the couch allows for the extension of key parts of the massage designed to promote very deep relaxation.

If you wish to have MLDM as part of post-surgical care or for complex health needs, please telephone/email before booking an appointment online to discuss your situation first.

Offsite treatment fees: 

Please arrange offsite treatments by phone or email only, as the online booking system cannot factor in travel time (which affects availability), nor can it provide you with an accurate quote for offsite treatment.


Offsite fees are dependent on your location and appointment timing. Broadly speaking, this is calculated as: 30 minutes required for equipment set-up/take down at both the practice and your location + time to travel by car from the practice to your address + return travel time (both as estimated by Google maps for the time of arrival/departure). This is then added to your treatment time and charged at the same rate.

lady having manual lymphatic drainage treatment after liposuction
manual lymphatic drainage of the face
manual lymphatic drainage massage to the foot to reduce swollen ankles

What is MLD Massage?

A specialist light-touch therapy which increases the flow of lymph around the body, aiding the removal of toxins, excess water, bacteria, metabolic waste and foreign substances from congested tissues or generally sluggish systems.


The lymphatic system is strongly involved in our bodies' immune response, so when it becomes less effective, eg due to poor diet, injury, infection or sedentary lifestyle, manual encouragement of lymphatic flow can be beneficial in boosting immunity and for the maintenance of good health.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is extremely safe and non-invasive. It does not involve the 'massage of muscles', but the systematically applied stimulation of skin-receptors. In turn, these generate tiny muscular pulse-activity in lymphatic vessels beneath the skin surface, which then pump lymph through the body at an increased rate. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage therefore feels super-light in comparison to other types of massage therapy and due to its rhythmic application is also incredibly soothing and relaxing.


Treatment is always tailored to the goals of each client, but is usually best (especially in cases involving oedema) delivered several times in the first week in conjunction with excellent self-care (eg gentle exercise and the avoidance of alcohol and salty/processed foods). The course of treatment is then usually extended less frequently over the next few weeks.

What happens during Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

The client relaxes on a massage couch whilst their therapist employs highly accurate, rhythmic, 1mm-deep skin movement techniques over key lymphatic sites across the body.  The flow of treatment draws lymph along its natural anatomically-directional pathways, clearing blockages and encouraging increased lymphatic flow. No massage oil is used.

Health Consultation

At the time of making your appointment, you will be asked about your reason for booking Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, as it is helpful for me to understand in advance what sort of treatment you need. If you require a longer course of treatment, eg following cosmetic surgery or liposuction, more detail about the type of surgical procedure you have planned will be required and it is recommended that you book your series of appointments as much in advance as possible, in order to ensure availability on the schedule of manual lymphatic drainage massage prescribed by your surgeon.


Before commencing your treatment we will also conduct a full health and well-being assessment in order to understand whether you have any conditions or issues which might be affected by manual lymphatic drainage massage. It is an opportunity to ask any questions you might have and for me to understand exactly what you are hoping to achieve through your treatment.


This initial assessment process takes approx 15-20 minutes and is free of charge; during the pandemic it will be conducted by telephone in advance of your visit to the practice in Kingston. At subsequent appointments, we naturally review any health changes and your progress before proceeding.

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