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Re-Opening Schedule

I'm delighted that Richmond Park Therapies is able to open again after lock-down, and am planning the following schedule:

For the remainder of July: limited appointment availability for Reflexology Appointments only.

August: the clinic will be closed the whole month as usual.

September 5th onwards: Open as usual for all therapies

9.30am-3pm weekdays and 11am-5pm weekends

Richmond Park Therapies re-opening card

There are a number of new procedures in place to keep everybody safe and minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

These include:

* Pre-treatment consultations and follow-up discussions will be carried out by phone.

* Client's time in the clinic will be limited to 70 minutes maximum (60 minutes treatment, plus 5 mins for changing on arrival & before departure).

* The clinic is sanitised fully between clients, so there will be fewer appointments available throughout the day.

* The therapist will wear a PPE visor and gloves as required by law. Clients are not required to wear any form of PPE, although of course are welcome to wear a face mask if they wish to.

* An online Covid-19 pre-treatment form & disclaimer will need to be completed by clients ahead of their visit.

All relevant information will be sent to clients at the time of booking, although of course, if you have any questions to ask about Covid-19 Control Protocol, please do not hesitate to ask.

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