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ADHD & Foot Massage

foot massage helps children experience fewer negative symptoms of ADHD
ADHD & Foot Massage

A study* published recently has shown that foot massage provided by mothers to their children 3x per week reduces the severity of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) symptoms across the board, including memory failure, lack of organisational ability & uncooperative behaviour.

The research concludes that massage therapy is an affordable, low-cost care intervention that “together with pharmacotherapy programs can reduce some symptoms of ADHD.”

Personal note: I have been giving my own son (who has ADHD) foot massage regularly for many years. Not only does he really enjoy the physical sensory input from his treatment sessions, but both he and I can testify to them having a rapid calming effect on him, both immediately and also lasting well in to the following day.

* Isfahan University of Medical Sciences: Asadi, Shakibaei, Mazaheri & Jafari-Mianaei (randomized controlled trial June 2020)

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