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Why choose baby massage classes with Richmond Park Therapies? 

A Different Vibe...

Classes are limited in size to 4 (max 5) babies, ensuring that everyone receives sufficient space, care and attention whilst keeping the atmosphere relaxed, unhurried and relatively quiet.

Classes are hosted at Richmond Park Therapies (a complementary therapy practice on the ground floor of a private house), with a very different ambiance to a church-hall or similar set-up. Importantly, it is heated correctly for baby massage and in addition to the teaching area, has a baby-friendly 'break out' zone should you wish to feed, change or settle your baby slightly away from the class 'circle', whilst also still listening-in fully to the lesson. 

Covid-19 precautions here are robust and  treated very seriously, as a number of the clinic's patients are living with chronic health conditions and are therefore vulnerable. Additionally, being within a family home, protecting everyone here is a very personal priority. 

The Baby Massage Instructor is a fully qualified clinical massage & lymph drainage specialist with years of experience providing remedial, sport and holistic therapies, as well as being a certified baby massage instructor and a mother of 3. 

Richmond Park Therapies is located on Richmond Park Road in North Kingston, KT2, convenient for Kingston, Ham, New Malden, Surbiton and the areas around Richmond Park itself.

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Sorry, I'm currently not scheduling baby massage classes due to lack of time in my practice schedule. (Dec 2023)

Course content & structure​​

Courses will teach parents how to give their baby a relaxing, gentle massage; with each week's class focusing on a different body part.  The class tutor works on a demonstration doll whilst guiding parents who work with their own babies. We review all previous weeks' sequences as we progress, building up to, in Week 5 giving baby a complete body massage. We also look at massage for alleviating common infant ailments such as colic, teething pain, wind and constipation. 

In addition to mastering easy-to-do massage sequences, you will learn about the advantages massage has for your baby and you'll be encouraged to practice at home between lessons. The last part of each lesson is time for informal discussion with your tutor and fellow course-mates, as you are offered refreshments whilst getting baby prepared for the outside world again.


You will be given weekly handouts which summarise each lesson and a folder to keep them in, so that you can practice the massage sequence at home. You'll also receive a bottle of high-quality massage oil suitable for baby massage.

Baby Massage Classes are special bonding experiences that parents always remember fondly.​ Our classes are baby-led, so if s/he'd rather feed, sleep or cuddle than be massaged at any point, it's no problem (and nothing unusual). You can listen-in whilst tending to baby's needs in a comfy seat nearby, or use a massage doll to practice on if your own baby has fallen asleep.

Once you have completed the course, you might choose to join a one-off 'Graduate Class' where the full massage sequence is covered for anybody who wishes to revise what they have been taught. As part of the Graduate timetable we also have a class introducing Baby Reflexology which is a great way to continue treating your little one during phases when they become too wriggly for massage.

How about a special class for your baby's other parent? It's possible to arrange special classes on a weekend towards the end of the course, providing a chance for parents who may be working mid-week when their baby usually attends classes, to experience the wonderful bonding opportunity baby massage provides.


What to expect

Richmond Park Therapies' Baby Massage courses take place in a tranquil home-from-home setting, with all the comforts you and your baby might need available to you during classes:

- Safe inside pram storage.

- Correctly adjusted room temperature.

- Yoga mats & cushions provided.

- Calm & relaxing setting.

- Baby changing facilities.

- Toilet.

- Comfy seating for baby-feeding.

- Bottled water provided.

​Pay & display car-parking on the road.

Local car-parks within 5 mins walk.

1 or 2 mins walk from No.65 bus stop.

7 mins walk from Kingston station.

Course Feedback

"I can strongly recommend the baby massage course. The course is great for mums wanting to develop the bonds with the little ones. Nina is very professional and the course is taking place in a relaxed setting".  (Anna H.)

"Really nice and relaxed setting. Can highly recommend". (Nicola S)

"Can’t recommend this baby bonding experience with Nina enough. My 3 month old loved our massage classes and us mums had a giggle along the way. Really useful tips on massage techniques to help with teething, colic, constipation etc. Nina was very welcoming and made the classes very relaxed and fun". (Lisa P.)

"Such a lovely atmosphere created for all. (My daughter) loved the sessions!". (Louise C)

"Relaxed lessons, lovely setting!" (Dani A)

"Totally recommend for mums wanting to learn a new skill, bond with their little one and meet others locally. Super setting and relaxed atmosphere". (Sarah Mc)

"Superb service, me and my baby really enjoyed our 6 week course, Nina is a professional and friendly owner, the hospitality at the place was amazing. I recommend you take this course as it helped me and my baby." (Khatuna I)

"My husband and I booked a private course and it's become the family-highlight of our week; an interesting and chilled-out hour together learning how to massage our beautiful twin babies. We've had many laughs along the way and made some lasting memories. Nina's an excellent tutor and went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and enjoyment throughout. To anyone considering these baby massage classes: Do it! you won't regret it."  (Elizabeth H)

"LOVED our baby massage course! Don't want it to end but so happy to have met some lovely local mummies I'll stay in touch with." (Sangeeta K)

"Emily, my 3 month old and I have just completed this fantastic baby massage course with Nina. We did the online course due to Covid restrictions and it suited us so well. I could find a time that suited Emily between feeds and sleeps which made for an even more productive session. Nina is wonderful. Highly skilled, a huge knowledge of massage and babies and I learnt a lot from her. I can see the benefits for Emily and she thrives, enjoying the sessions and being very engaged. She giggles and wriggles and really engages well. I’d love to learn more from Nina and would highly recommend her. She gets 5 star ratings from us." (Jane K)

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2         9am-6pm: 07791 966278
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