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Foot massage for baby

About Baby Massage

Sorry, I'm currently not scheduling baby massage classes due to lack of time in my practice schedule. (Dec 2023)

Baby Massage is a truly wonderful thing!

Bonding:  Baby massage classes provide a break from the sometimes over-whelming mechanics of parenting a tiny new person; allowing you to simply focus on that amazing little being in front of you. No distractions, no pressure, just special time bonding with your baby whilst you learn a new skill that you'll both benefit from hugely.

Relaxation & sleep-benefits:  Babies really love massage! Gentle skin-to-skin contact lowers their stress-hormone levels and releases serotonin, both of which are necessary for the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Relaxed, calm babies tend to sleep better and cope well with new situations, in turn resulting in calmer, more relaxed parents.  Win-Win!

Health: Research shows that regular massage increases the number of lymphocytes (white blood cells) the body produces. A baby who is massaged often is therefore more likely to develop a stronger immune system.

Development: In addition to being a natural way to show love and affection to your baby, the gentle touch and movement applied during massage helps stimulate their motor development.


Soothing:  Who wouldn't want to be able to provide some practical relief during their baby's first cold, persistent colic or later, teething issues? Baby massage classes will provide you with steps to help soothe your little one's discomforts, as well as the knowledge of when (and when not) to apply them.

Baby Massage FAQs

Q: When can I massage my baby?

A: With great care, gentleness & without using oil, from birth.


Q: What age is best for Baby Massage classes?

A: Approx 8 weeks - crawling.

See my blog post on this.


Q: What should my baby wear?

A: In class, nappies stay on; and baby needs easy-to-remove clothes.

Q: Is it OK to massage after baby's immunisations?

A: Avoid massaging the injection site for 48 hours. If baby's not up for massage at all, Mum can use a practice doll or just observe class.

Q: What if my baby cries in class?

A: Crying naturally happens in a room full of babies! Everyone is in the same boat, nobody minds & nobody expects you to magically stop your baby crying. Don't worry about it!

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2         9am-6pm: 07791 966278
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