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Pressure Point Self-Massage

For when you feel anxious, stressed or unable to sleep.

How does it work? By prompting the release of endorphins, the body’s natural response to pain. Endorphins affect the opiate receptors in your brain which in turn reduce your overall perception of pain, decrease anxiety levels and improve poor sleep patterns.

1) The Wrist Point

This lies on the crease that runs across your wrist. It's almost at the end of the crease, just inside the (little finger) edge of your wrist bone.

Use your thumb nail to press this point until you feel a ‘comfortable pain’. Hold the pressure on whilst you knead the point in small circular movements for 1 minute.

Repeat on the other hand.

2) The Hand Valley Point

This lies between the bases of the index finger and thumb.

Grip the thick muscle between the index finger and thumb with your other thumb and index finger and apply pressure (‘comfortable pain’) from both sides as you knead the point in circular movements for 1 minute.

Repeat on the other hand.

Pay attention to your breathing whilst doing these exercises. Breath in through your nose. Breath out through your mouth.

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