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Planning to re-open after Covid-19...

Writing this at the end of June 2020, I'm not surprised to be reporting that Massage Therapy & Reflexology have not been included in the next phase of lockdown relaxation. As yet, there is no clear indication of when that will change, although I remain hopeful that Richmond Park Therapies might be able to re-open in early September. To prepare for new safety regulations, I've completed 3 different courses covering Safety & Hygiene for Massage & Holistic Professionals in light of Covid-19. I've also done a thorough risk assessment for my clinic, so my clients will notice some procedural differences when they visit me. It will still feel like a calm, relaxing place to rebalance your body and mind, simply one where all new safety precautions have been taken seriously. I will explain the practicalities when I confirm appointments (as the guidelines are still changing often), but of course, if you've any specific questions, please never hesitate to ask.

Thanks to everyone for understanding the necessary vagaries communicated in this post. As soon as I can confirm a re-opening date, I'll let you know!

When will richmond park therapies re-open?

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