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Pregnancy Massage (suitable from approx 12 weeks pregnant - birth)

Pregnancy can often be a time of great emotional as well as obvious physiological change. The therapeutic use of gentle massage techniques during pregnancy can help to induce both physical and mental relaxation, alleviating a wide range of pregnancy-related aches, discomforts and tensions.


Pregnancy massage at Richmond Park Therapies will address those key areas most affecting YOU in terms of physiological change that day, (as everyone is different on each visit), whether that be soothing your lower back, easing your hips, tired legs, a stiff neck and shoulders from altered sleeping position, or perhaps addressing some swollen ankles, or relaxing the ribs to reduce heartburn and indigestion. The techniques chosen to help you with these symptoms will be light and adjusted for the safety of both mother and baby, and they will be encased within a wonderfully flowing massage that ends with the face and scalp, allowing the mind to ease and rest, whilst the body recharges, thus promoting better sleep patterns as well.


Rhythmic lymphatic drainage massage techniques may also be used to help reduce water retention, puffy ankles and lower legs. This modality also helps reduce blood pressure and headaches, and may reduce the development of pregnancy-generated varicose veins, as well as generally increase lymphatic flow and circulation. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is wildly relaxing to receive, so you’ll come out your session which includes it, feeling comforted, eased, less fatigued and re-energised.


Regular massage can also help with some cramping symptoms which can often occur during pregnancy, particularly throughout the latter stages; it additionally helps to alleviate antenatal depression and anxiety caused by the rapid and often overwhelming hormonal changes your body is experiencing.


From a practical viewpoint, this relaxing body massage is carried out with the greatest of care by an experienced therapist trained to advanced levels and very experienced in pregnancy massage. You’ll usually be predominantly in a side-lying position (particularly in later pregnancy), or seated if you prefer, with extra pillows and bolsters to ensure everything is fully supported and comfortable throughout. It is expected you’ll need to shift position every now and again, and taking breaks throughout the massage for toilet-trips if baby is pressing on your bladder is also expected and nothing to worry about. I choose not to use a massage table with a ‘pregnancy hole’ or a ‘tummy cushion’ for my clients as there is some evidence that these might affect the pelvic girdle, which during pregnancy is more susceptible to damage due to increased amounts of the hormone (relaxin) which loosens the pelvic ligaments in preparation for stretching to accommodate baby’s journey through the birth canal.


Pregnancy Massage is technically possible at any stage of pregnancy, but most midwives, and I, will recommend that you wait until after your 12 week scan to proceed. You will also need to let your midwife or GP know that you are planning to receive massage, and sign a disclaimer stating that you have done so.


75 mins: £80 or 90 mins: £95

Gift vouchers are available for a single pregnancy massage or for a course of treatments; they make great maternity leave gifts or a wonderful treat for someone you know who is expecting a baby.



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Massage for Mummies  "Reset & Rebalance"

This (75 or 90 minute) massage treatment was designed for mothers, by a mum of three who understands that alongside the joys and wonderful experiences of motherhood come aches, pains and discomforts caused by the sheer physicality of the role, with moments of exhaustion, and sometimes a sense of disconnection with our own bodies and former selves.


Whether you are newly postnatal, sleep-deprived with night-feeding, carrying a baby in a sling, constantly picking up your little crawler, have a toddler on your hip, are 24/7 parenting school children, running between & dealing with the challenges of home/nursery/school/the workplace, or all of the above... I understand that you rarely get a moment to yourself and that your body and mind sometimes feel like they are not your own.


Following a thorough consultation so that your therapist understands what your key physical areas for focus are, this treatment will be tailored for you; whatever your stage of motherhood, and your therapy will be adapted to target those aches and pains within an overall flowing, soothing massage designed to also restore calmness to your mind. It aims, in short, to help you re-set and rebalance yourself completely.

Typically this treatment will comprise of a variety of massage techniques within a beautifully flowing, complete body massage. It may include work to the back, legs, feet, arms, hands, stomach and flanks, neck, face and scalp; but don't worry, we'll talk about your preferences before starting, so if for example you prefer to have extra time on your back instead of the tummy, or prefer only light work, that will be understood and done. Then, in a warm, beautifully fragranced room with music specially designed for mental relaxation (no, not 'whale music!') and with a pre-blended high quality aromatherapy oil of your choice selected, you'll put yourself in to the hands of your therapist and... take an hour and a quarter off of your 'Mummy duties', it's time to reconnect with your own body and thoughts, or to switch off entirely!


After the treatment is finished, you'll be offered water and will have time to unhurriedly prepare yourself for your journey home. Your family will notice the difference in you, Mummy, reset and rebalanced.

NB: If you are newly postnatal (ie within 6 weeks of your baby's arrival) and had physical complications with the birth eg a c-section or post-partum haemorrhage, please either wait until after your 6-week postnatal medical check, or obtain your Dr's permission to receive massage before your appointment.


75 mins: £75 or 90 mins: £90

Gift vouchers are available for Postnatal / Mummy Massage or for a course of treatments; they make great gifts for the Mum you know, who would appreciate, just once in a while, a little time to herself. 

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2         9am-6pm: 07791 966278
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