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What measures have I put in place against the spread of COVID 19?

All clients can wash their hands or use hand-sanitiser gel on arrival & before departure. I personally follow surgical aseptic protocol for hand & arm washing before & after each client, regardless of how healthy anyone looks.

I sanitise my setting between clients (I always have done), including a full change of all towels, couch covers, bolsters etc. I also disinfect all touchable surfaces, including door handles, the massage couch & the pen I give clients to sign paperwork with.

I have decided to take no more than 2 massage clients/day. My 1st massage client will use the face-hole positioned within the couch, the 2nd will use a cradle unit at the end of the couch. ie faces will never be in the same position as anyone else's. The couch is fully stripped & disinfected with wipes and spray between clients.

Overnight the whole clinic is fully disinfected, including the floor, the stair banisters & the bathroom.

If you are feeling unwell or unsure about attending your appointment, I will happily reschedule your appointment to a later date.

I work with people with compromised immunity (including pregnant women & people undergoing treatment for cancer), I also have small children and elderly parents, so I have set these points out to reassure anyone who may be worried for similar reasons. I take everyone's safety very seriously.


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